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E18093 A small, 18th century, creamware mould with an Adams urn design to the base. This is quite a charming mould. It is very lightly potted and it dates from c.1780. It has possibly survived the centuries due to a couple of imperfections in the potting which would make it difficult to use. There are two very small pieces of pot which, during the manufacture, have stuck to the interior of the mould. They are glazed over but if you were using the mould food would bind on these imperfections. It is, however, in excellent condition.
Dimensions: Height 3.2cm. (1 1/4in) Length 10.8cm. (4 1/4in) Width 9.2cm. (3 1/8in).
£135. U.S.A.
E18090 A very fine pair of miniature, 18th century, creamware moulds. These are amongst the smallest pottery moulds that we have ever had. They are extremely finely potted in creamware, they stand on three small, peg feet and they date from c.1780. In the base of each mould is a very well detailed bunch of grapes and the sides have a simple, ridged border. Amazingly they are also, both, in exceptional condition, particularly when you consider their age and the fact that they were made for use. The only faults are a couple of very tiny glaze flakes to the rims.
Dimensions of each mould: Height 2.8cm. (1 1/8in) Length 7cm. (2 3/4in) Width 5.4cm. (2 1/8in).
the pair.
A13886 A creamware mould with a corn on the cob to the base. Unmarked. Date: c.1790. Size: 15.5cm. (6 1/8") long by 9.3cm. (3 5/8") wide by 4.7cm. (1 7/8") deep. The design in this piece is very crisply moulded and it has a plain fluted border. It is quite lightly potted, but it is a little heavier than many creamware moulds of this period. There is a chip on the reverse of the mould. This is an unusual chip as it is not on the rim but it would correspond to the end of the sweetcorn. This can be seen in the image of the underside. There are also a number of glaze flakes to the mould which reveal slight rust coloured staining. Otherwise it is in good condition. £49. U.S.A.

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