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D16694 A set of four green, majolica glazed plates. Each one is marked 'WEDGWOOD' and they are also impresssed 'BZH' with an upside down 'T' or 'HZS' over 'T'. These marks are a little difficult to make out. Either way they are date letter codes and either date the plates to 1864 or 1879. Either date would be appropriate for this type of plate. Size: Each one is 22cm. (8 5/8") diameter and they would have been part of a dessert service. They are moulded with a sunflower design which is then covered with an all over green majolica glaze. There is slight crazing to the glaze but they are all in very good condition. £135.
the set.
+£35. Western Europe
C16135 A small, Rosso Antico jug. Marked ‘WEDGWOOD’ and there are also a couple of small, impressed tool marks. Date: c.1820. Size: 6cm. (2 3/8”) diameter, at its widest part, by 8cm. (3 1/8”) high. The total width, from the tip of the spout to the outer edge of the handle, is 8.5cm. (3 3/8”). This piece is finely potted. The jug is a simple, baluster shape and the red terracotta body is decorated with classical figures in black relief. It is in excellent condition. £295. Nil.
C15597 A large, Rosso Antico jug. Marked 'WEDGWOOD'. There is also an impressed number '12' which is possibly a batch number. Date: c.1870. Size: 20cm. (8") high by 11.5cm. (4 1/2") diameter at the base. The total width, from the tip of the spout to the outer edge of the handle, is 14.5cm. (5 3/4"). This is one of the standard shapes of jugs that was produced by Wedgwood but the relief is quite different to the usual. To the top is a border of oak leaves and acorns and around the body of the jug are musical and military trophies, hanging on ribbons, from garlands of flowers. The reliefs are all in red on the basalt body. The lid is made from tin but this is attached by a pewter fitting. There is a very small chip to the relief, on one of the ribbons. This can be seen in one of the other images. Other than this the piece is in good condition. For other images see Wedgwood Basalt. £465. Nil.


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