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About us
We have been trading since 1986 on the UK fairs circuit and have traded from Portobello Road, London since August 1996, when we also became members of P.A.D.A. (Portobello Antique Dealers Association). We traded at Geoffrey Van's Arcade at 107 Portobello Road for 14 years, then Chelsea Galleries, 69 Portobello Road for nearly 5 years. We are now at Atlam, 111 Portobello Road. Over the years we have built up a reputation amongst the trade and collectors around the world. Many of our customers have supported us since we started in business but we are always trying to encourage new collectors with our ever changing range of stock.

  • We deal in British pottery dating from 1750 to 1930 and quality Victorian copper kitchen ware.
  • Our specialist fields are Wedgwood, lustreware and culinary moulds (jelly moulds), including those made of pottery, pewter and copper.
  • We also carry a wide range of Victorian copper kitchen ware, both decorative and useful, including, saucepans, saute pans, fish kettles, braising pans, stock pots etc. Many of these have been retinned, in the traditional way, so that they are now, once again, usable. Our range consists of a mixture of English and French copperware, with an emphasis on quality.

Please note: Not all of our stock is on our website as we have much which is still waiting to go through our workshop. If you have specific needs but cannot find what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to help.

Contact us
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Phone: 01760 441829 From overseas phone: 0044 1760 441829
Mobile: Sue. 07775 797620 or Mike. 07778 282532

We can also be seen every Saturday at: Atlam 111 Portobello Road, London, from 7am. to 5pm.

The shop is also open weekdays from 10am to 4.00 pm

Not all of our stock is in London. If you are intending to visit us at Atlam, and you have noticed something on the website which you would like to see, do contact us the week before your visit and let us know. We will then make sure that it is there for you and we will hold it, with no obligation, until you have seen it.

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Recipe from Mrs. A.B.Marshall.

Little Tongues a' la Princesse Marie.

Take three quarters of a pound of raw rabbit, veal, or chicken, half a pound of fresh fat and lean pork or ham, a quarter of a pound of pounded panard, and one large table-spoonful of thick brown sauce; pound these and rub the puree through a fine wire sieve, then mix it in a basin with three raw yolks of eggs, a pinch of salt and coralline pepper, add to it two ounces of chopped lean ham or tongue and two truffles chopped fine. Butter some tongue moulds and fill them by means of a bag and pipe with the prepared mixture, place them in a saucepan, sprinkle with a little sherry, put a buttered paper over, and cook in a moderate oven for fifteen minutes, keeping them well basted; when cooked take up the tongues and put them aside till cold, then turn them out of the moulds and mask them with fawn-coloured Chaudfroid sauce and aspic cream, after which glaze them over with liquid aspic jelly and dish on a border prepared as below with a block of rice in the centre; garnish with a puree of peas, and serve as a cold entree or for a cold collation.
Border for tongues. - Take a pint of cooked peas, drain them from the water, and rub them through a wire sieve, and mix with the puree three raw eggs, one ounce of warm butter, a little salt and white pepper, and a dust of chopped mint; mix up together, put into a buttered border mould which has been garnished all over with cooked whole peas, and stand it in a tin containing boiling water to about three fourths its depth; put a buttered paper over, place the tin in a moderate oven, and poach till firm, which will take about twenty minutes. Put the mould aside till cold, then dip it into hot water, turn out the border, and use. Flageolets instead of peas may be used if liked. This border would also be nice to serve with hot entrees.

If you have an interest in period cuisine you really should explore this link to This is the website of Ivan Day who is a food historian and a fascinating orator. He gives lectures and runs courses on all manner of period food including moulded food, pie making, ice cream making, jellies and sugar moulding. Many of our customers are regular participants on his courses and enthuse about them continually. Contact us
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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