Note: Prices include packaging, insurance and postage within the U.K. For Europe and the U.S.A. any additional costs will be in the column under 'Shipping Costs'. The absence of a figure in this column means that the costs have yet to be calculated. If there are no extra costs on an item it will appear as 'Nil'. For shipping to other destinations please ask for a quote.
The presence of this little chap in the price column indicates that the item has sold.


If you find something on one of our lists that you like the look of, or require further information on, please contact us and we will be glad to help.
If you wish to purchase an item please contact us by the method most convenient to yourself.
Email: mike@applebyantiques.net or Phone on 0044 (0)1760 441829, quoting the item, stock number and price, and we will endeavour to deal with your request as quickly as possible. However, if you are unable to reach us or do not get a prompt reply by these means we are probably at a fair, in which case you could try either of our mobile numbers:- 07775 797620 or 07778 282532
When you email us regarding an item of stock you should state clearly the following information
  1. Your Name
  2. The company name (if applicable)
  3. Your full address
  4. A telephone number where we can contact you
  5. Your Email address
About the item you should also clearly state
  1. Stock Number
  2. Item Description
  3. Price
We also will need to know the method of payment which you will be using.
Note. If you intend to pay by credit or debit card DO NOT give the card details by email.
For a printable version of this list click here.
As soon as payment is agreed we will remove the item from sale and allow a limited time for the payment to be received.
Payment can be made by Sterling cheque, Bank transfer, Visa, or most other major credit or debit cards.
We offer a money back guarantee on any item(s) that you are not entirely happy with, providing it is returned to us within two weeks and in the same condition in which it left us.
We are also able to arrange shipping and insurance to suit most requirements.

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